Benchtop Multi-parameter Water Quality Meter LMPWM-A32

Benchtop Multi-parameter Water Quality Meter LMPWM-A32

Benchtop multi-parameter water quality meter LMPWM-A32 comes with different measurement modes for quality and testing of water on different parameters. It measures pH, Conductivity, Dissolved oxygen, content from the test sample. It stores and recalls up to 500 sets of data. Calibration due reminder informs operator to calibrate the meter regularly.

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pH Mode
pH range -2.00 to 20.00 pH
pH Accuracy ± 0.002 pH
pH Resolution 0.1/0.01/0.001 pH, selectable
pH Calibration Points 1 to 5 Points
pH Buffer Solutions USA (pH 4.0/7.00/10.01) or NIST (pH 4.01/6.86/9.18) or DIN buffers
mV Mode
mV Range -1999.9 to 1999.9 mV
mV Accuracy ± 0.2 mV
mV Resolution 0.1/1 mV, selectable
mV Calibration Points 1 Point
Conductivity Mode
Conductivity Range 0.01 to 20.00, 200.0, 2000 µS/cm, 20.00, 200.0 mS/cm
Conductivity Accuracy ± 0.5% F.S.
Conductivity Resolution 0.01/0.1/1
Conductivity Calibration Points 1 to 5 Points
Conductivity Solutions 10, 84, 1413 µS/cm, 12.88, 111.8 mS/ cm
Conductivity Temperature coefficient 0.0 to 10.0 %/°C
Compensation mode Linear or Pure Water
Cell Constant K=0.1, 1, 10 or Custom
Reference temperature 20 or 25°C
Dissolved Oxygen Mode
Dissolved Oxygen Range 0.00 to 20.00 mg/ L
Dissolved Oxygen Accuracy ± 0.2 mg/ L
Dissolved Oxygen Resolution 0.1/ 0.01 mg/ L, selectable
Dissolved Oxygen Calibration Points 1 or 2 Points
% Saturation Range 0.0 to 200.0 % with ± 2 % accuracy
Pressure correction 60 to 112.5 kPa, 450 to 850 mmHg
Salinity correction 0 to 50 g/ L
Temperature Range 0 to 105°C, 32 to 221°F
Temperature Accuracy ± 0.5°C
Temperature Resolution 0.1°C
Temperature Calibrations Points 1 Point
Temperature Compensation Mode Manual or Automatic
Data Hold Function Manual or Automatic Endpoint Detection
Stability Criteria Low or High
Calibration Due Alarm 1 to 31 Days
Reset Function Yes
Memory Stores Up to 500 data sets
Output USB interface
Connector BNC, 6-pin mini plug
Display LCD
Power supply DC5 V, AC 220 V, 50 Hz
Dimension (L × W × H) 210 × 188 × 60 mm
Weight 1.5 kg
  • Common Features Stability indicator displays the status of current measurement
  • Auto hold function freezes stable, final readings for better viewing and recording
  • Manual temperature calibration to rectify the deviations in temperature
  • Automatic temperature compensation for accurate measured value over the entire range
  • Selectable temperature units (°C or °F) for different application requirements
  • Expanded memory stores and recalls up to 500 readings
  • Help message as an operational guide, helps users for quick access to the parameters
  • Reset function automatically resumes all the setting back to factory default options
  • Store data is transferrable into computer via USB communication interface
  • pH mode 1-5 points push button calibration to automatically identify pH buffer
  • Convenient to select pH buffer standard (USA/NIST/DIN) or custom
  • Automatic electrode slope display helps operator whether to replace the sensor
  • Conductivity mode 1-5 point for calibration with automatically identification of calibration solutions
  • Can select cell constant (0.1/1/10) and normalization temperature (20°C or 25°C)
  • TDS conversion factor, seawater, practical salinity measurements mode to meet different water quality measurement requirements
  • Linear or pure water compensation improves the measurement accuracy
  • Dissolved oxygen mode 1-2 points calibration using the air-sealed water & zero oxygen solution
  • Manual salinity & barometric pressure compensation for accurate readings

Used for quality checking of water on different parameters across research, QC labs, water management plants and others production units.

Accessories No. Name
1 pH Electrode (for general liquids)
2 Polarographic Dissolved Oxygen Probe
3 Temperature probe
4 pH Buffer pouches (pH 4.01/ 7.00/ 10.01)
5 Dissolved Electrolyte Solutions
6 DO membrane cap
7 USB Cable
8 DC5 V power adapter

Accessories No. Name
1 Temperature probe
2 Calibration Solutions for pH and DO electrolyte
3 pH electrodes suitable for non-aqueous, high alkalinity, low conductivity, tis buffers, biofuels and others
4 Dissolved Oxygen Polarographic Probe
5 DO Membrane Cap
6 DC5V power adapter

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