Colorimeter LCC-A11

Colorimeter LCC-A11

The LCC-A11 is a cost effective product and is used for better test accuracy & measurement of YI yellowness or WI whiteness index. The measurement accuracy is enhanced through white & black calibration. Measurement can be done at multiple spots for average readings. This colorimeter gives ultra stable performance throughout the operations.

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Illumination system 8°/d (diffusion illumination), SCI (spectral components included)
Display mode Colorimetric values: L × a × b,L × C × h,△E × ab,XYZ,relative RGB values
Color difference values: △(L × a × b),△(L × C × h)
Whiteness values: hunter whiteness, Ganz whiteness
Yellowness value: YI
Display screen 2.4 inch LCD display screen
Measuring calibration About 8 mm
Measuring condition CIE 10° standard observation / CIE D65 light source
Measuring range L × 1 - 100
Storage 100 sets of standard samples and 100 data groups for each sample
Measuring aperture 8 mm
Repeatability Standard deviation within △E × ab × < 0.08
(Measuring condition: measuring white calibration board 80 times)
Measurement time 0.5 s
Light source LED halogen lamp
Power supply Four 1.5V AA sized alkaline battery or nickel metal hydride batteries / DC 5 V
Interface USB 2.0, printer
Weight 550 g
Dimension (volume) 77 × 86 × 210 mm
  • Can manually set up L × a × b × value for standard samples
  • 2.4 inch LCD display screen
  • PC software & data control
  • USB & Bluetooth for data transmission
  • 8° / d (diffusion illumination system) with spectral components included (SCI)
  • Provides accurate measuring time settings
  • Display precision 0.01
  • Large data storage space

The colorimeter has applications in testing color of raw materials, products and its batches in Pharmacy, Life science, printing and dyeing, textile industry, decoration, food industry and plastic industry.

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