Cone Viscometers

Labtron Cone Viscometer is a bench-top unit measures viscosity of fluids using a small sample volume. There is an LCD touch screen, an alarm system, and external storage support on the unit.

Cone Plate Viscometer LCPV-A10
Cone Plate Viscometer LCPV-A10
Accuracy ± 2 % (F.S)
Temperature -1℃ to 150℃ (± 0.1℃)
Spindle Details
Spindle No CAP-01 CAP-04
Shear Rate 13.3 N 3.3 N
Sample Volume 67µL 134µL
LCPV-A10 (400rpm) 47-469 300-3,750
LCPV-A10 (750rpm) 25-250 200-2,000
LCPV-A10 (900rpm) 20-208 170-1,667
Note rotate speed (rpm); Viscosity Range: (mPa.s), 1 poise = 100 mPa.s