Our dosimeters use ore-containing materials for radioactive detection and a cobalt source for electronic accelerator irradiation of beta, gamma, and x-ray radiation from 25 keV to 7 MeV. Automatic failure detection, measures gamma and beta radiation dosage rate from background to extra levels, digital LCD backlight display, low battery indication, measurement errors, surface soft and hard beta-particle flux density, threshold level, and real time. The magnifying tube can detect and localise gamma and beta radiation sources in seconds and includes a built-in Geiger-Muller counter. Personal radiation dosimeters are essential safety equipment for radiation or radioactive material workers.

Dosimeter (α, β, γ) LDSM-B10
Dosimeter (α, β, γ) LDSM-B10
Temperature Range 40 °C to 50°C
Measurement Ranges Counting rate: 0 to 500000 CPM, 0 to 8000 CPS
Radiation dose rate: 0.01 to 10000 u Sv/h
Energy Ranges 25 KeV to 7 MeV
Display Unit CPM, CPS, Bq/cm2 , μ Gy/h ,μ Sv/h
Detector Pancake GM tube. Φ : 45 mm
Dosimeter (β and γ) LDSM-A10
Dosimeter (β and γ) LDSM-A10
Temperature Range -20°С to +50°С
Measurement Ranges dose equivalent rate (137 Cs): 0.01 μ Sv/h to 10 m Sv/h
dose equivalent (137 Cs): 0.01 u Sv to 9999 Sv
Energy Ranges X and Gamma radiation: 40 KeV to 3.0 MeV
Beta radiation: 0.5 to 3.0 MeV
Display Unit Dose rate: µ Sv/h, m Sv/h, Sv/h automatic conversion
Dose: µ Sv, m Sv, Sv automatic conversion
Detector GM counter