Elemental (CHN) Analyzer LCHN-A10

Elemental (CHN) Analyzer LCHN-A10

Elemental (CHN) Analyzer LCHN-A10 is used to determine Carbon, Hydrogen and Nitrogen in macro amount of samples. Features dual stage furnace with pure oxygen flow for complete combustion, multiple detector, blended gas analysis, IR CO2 monitor detector, stackable auto loader etc. to ensure efficient performance and obtain reliable results.

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Gas required Helium: 99.99% 0.25 ± 0.01 mPa
Oxygen: 99.5% 0.25 ± 0.01 mPa
Nitrogen or Composed air: 0.25 ± 0.01 mPa
Measurement range Carbon: 0.02 to 150 mg
Hydrogen: 0.1 to 12 mg
Nitrogen: 0.04 to 50 mg
Consumption Helium 200 ml/ min
Sample mass Up to 1000 mg, depending on the sample matrix
Analysis time 4 to 6 mins, depending on sample combustion condition
Autosampler Stackable auto loader, up to 140 samples by 4 layers
Accuracy Carbon (Cad): 0.45% Hydrogen (Had): 0.10% Nitrogen (Nad): 0.05%
Furnace type Resistance furnace (main furnace and furnace rear)
Maximum temperature 1050°C
Dimension 690 × 750 × 720 mm
Weight 110 kg
Power 5.5 kW
Power supply AC 220 ± 10 %V , 50/60 Hz
  • Dual-stage furnace with complete catalytic combustion
  • Customized multiple detectors for different elements
  • Sample is analyzed in minimum time
  • 5.0 ml Blended gas analysis to reduce the consumption of helium and copper
  • IR CO2 and IR H2O detector are used
  • Complete combustion ensured by IR CO2 monitor detector
  • Stackable auto loader , 25/35 samples in each layer
  • Can analyze macro weighed samples of liquids, solids and heterogeneous matrix
  • Windows based operating software to control and view parameters on PC
  • Complies with CE standards

It is used for analysis of fuels, biomass, food, oil, coal, waste, plastic, solvents, fertilizers etc. samples in different laboratories and industries.

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