Gel Strength Test System LGST-A10

Gel Strength Test System LGST-A10

Gel Strength Test System LGST-A10 is mainly used to measure the gel strength of gelatine under the stipulated environment. It has traveling accuracy ± 0.3 % and Test range up to 5 to 1000 g Bloom. It consists of Jelly Strength Tester, Constant Temperature Bath and Refrigerator. Sampling depth can be present arbitrarily in 1 to 60 mm. It consists four kinds of sampling measurement modes: single-step, maintaining, circulating and automatic.

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Test Range 5 to 1000 g Bloom
Test Accuracy Range ± 0.3 %
Resolution 1 g Bloom
Travel 1 to 60 mm
Travel Accuracy ≤ ± 0.1 mm
Measured Diameter of Cylinder 12.700 ± 0.010 mm
Standard Gel Strength Bottle 59 × 85 mm, 150 ml
Overall Dimensions 260 × 260 × 450 mm
Packaging Dimension 405 × 360 × 530 mm
Power Consumption 60 W
Power Supply AC 110/220 V ± 10%, 50/60 Hz
Gross Weight 12 kg
  • High-definition LCD Display
  • Powerful data processing ability submit mean value, final value or peak value automatically
  • Four kinds of sampling measurement modes single-step, maintaining, circulating and automatic
  • Automatic measurement mode can help to obtain the value of gel strength faster, more accurately and more realistically
  • Equipped with five kinds of sampling speeds 0.1 mm/s, 0.2 mm/s, 0.5 mm/s, 1 mm/s and 2 mm/s
  • Sampling depth can be present arbitrarily (1 to 60 mm)
  • Professional and high-precision pressure sensor
  • High-precision mechanical drive matches with 4-class shockproof design
  • Automatic correction of non-linear error, automatic fault diagnosis alarm, automatic outrange protection and automatic error correction prompt

Gel Strength Test System is use in mechanical transmission gear with shock absorber, operating placidly, displaying stably and also used in refrigerator, with high speed and low noise in refrigeration.

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