Gene Electroporator

Labtron Gene Electroporator is a versatile, modular electroporation system for transfecting all cell types, including bacteria and fungi as well as primary, suspension, and challenging-to-transfect cells, including T cells. A short electrical pulse is utilised in the Gene Electroporator system to make transient openings in cell membranes that allow things like nucleic acids to enter cells. The instrument comes with a human-computer dialogue interface and is a whole set. It has precise setup range of capacitance and resistance.

Gene Electroporator LGE-A10
Gene Electroporator LGE-A10
High Output voltage 400 to 2500 V
Low output voltage 100 to 450 V
High voltage capacitor 1, 5, 6, 25, 30, 31 µF
Low voltage  capacitor 100 µF,125 µF,150 µF …1675 µF, one grades of 25 µF
Resistance 50 Ω, 100 Ω, 150 Ω, 1600 Ω, increment total 30 grades