Gravity Convection Oven LGCO-A11

Gravity Convection Oven LGCO-A11

Gravity Convection Oven LGCO-A11 is a stainless-steel chamber with 140 L chamber capacity, the heating element located under the chamber. The semi-circular arc chamber design offers easy cleaning. It has temperature range +10 to 200℃ with ± 0.5°C and small temperature fluctuation, controlled by PID microprocessor. It have maximum power consumption 2000W. It finds application in various fields of life science, pharmacy and other fields.

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Chamber Volume 140 L
Temperature Range RT+10 to 200°C
Temperature Uniformity 0.025
Display Resolution 0.1°C
Temperature Stability ± 0.5°C
Shelves 3 pcs
Timing Range 1 to 5999 min
Internal Dimension 520×500×575 mm
External Dimension 660×720×880 mm
Net Weight 82 kg
Power Consumption 2000 W
Power supply AC 220 V/50 Hz
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Easy to clean unit with good ventilation system through chamber
  • Maximum temperature: 200℃
  • Electrically polished surface, anti-corrosion property
  • Microprocessor PID temperature controlled system to monitor temperature fluctuation
  • Adjustable chamber shelves
  • Foot stand for even surface levelling
  • Easy to access- doors can be opened at a very high temperature
  • Door LED is blinking when the timer works and the LED off when the timer is in waiting condition
  • Safety circuit is used to protect the instrument from over charge and over temperature of the heater

Used for sample drying, baking, annealing, conditioning, sterilizing, evaporating and dehydrating, and other general laboratory work

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