Horizontal Electrophoresis System LHES-A10

Horizontal Electrophoresis System LHES-A10

Horizontal Electrophoresis System LHES-A10 is a high resolution horizontal unit with gel dimension (W × L) 48 × 75 mm. Different well size enables complete control over sample loading and casting dams to a maximum of 18-sample throughput. Buffer volume of 150 ml provides cooling effect and stable pH during process. Transparent safety lid evades electricity drip and sample volatilizing in cell.

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Gel dimension 48 × 75 mm
Buffer volume 150 ml
Sample capacity 3 to 18
Gel casting material Polycarbonate
Rows of comb 3
Comb thickness and no of well 1 mm and 1.5 mm for 3, 5, and 9 well comb
Unit dimension (L × W × H) 250 × 90 × 50 mm
Weight 0.4 kg
  • Minute number of samples separated with high precision
  • Ultra-high resolution separation over extended run times
  • Multi-channel pipette compatible combs reduce gel loading time
  • Dismountable electrodes (easy maintenance)
  • Automatic power off on lid removal
  • High quality gel casting apparatus prevents gel leakage
  • long life platinum electrodes and high apparent material for gel molding
  • lugs for convenient opening and closing of lid
  • Side handles, for safe and easy transportation around the laboratory

Specifically designed for high resolution analytical and preparative studies of numerous samples of nucleic acids, screening PCR products, cloning and RFLP analysis.

Accessories no Accessories name Unit
1.   Lid with cables 1
2.   Body tank with electrodes 1
3.   48 × 75 mm Gel tray 1
4.   Gel casting stand 1
5.   1.0 mm thickness 3-well comb 2
6.   1.5 mm thickness 3-well comb 2
8.   1.0 mm thickness 5-well comb 2
9.   1.5 mm thickness 5-well comb 2
10.   1.0 mm thickness 9-well comb 2
11.   1.5 mm thickness 9-well comb 2

Power supply LHES-A10
Voltage range 5 to 300 V
Current range 1 to 400 mA
Power range 1 to 120 W
Type of control Constant V, Constant I and Constant P
Display LCD screen with backlight
Output jack Four sets
Storage function Store 10 methods
Programming method No
Timing function 1 min to 99 hrs 59 min
V-hr function No
Pause control function Yes
Power recovery function Optional
Automatic memory function Yes
Automatic shutdown function Yes
Intelligent prompt functions Yes
Non-proliferation field function Optional
Temperature detection function No
Safety performance Yes
Molding machine casing Yes
Dimension (L x W x H) 280 × 237 × 118 mm
Weight 3.2 Kg

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