Meat Moisture Meter

Meat Moisture Analyzers are portable benchtop unit with advanced technology. Designed with function of connection with the printer and LCD touch screen display for parameters.

Meat Moisture Analyzer LMMA-A10
Meat Moisture Analyzer LMMA-A10
Sample weight 0.001 to 120.000 g
Weighing range 0.001 to 120.000 g
Moisture measurement range 0.00 to 100 %
Dry weight measurement range 100 to 0.00%
Weighing minimum reading 0.001 g
Portable Meat Moisture Meter LMMM-A10
Portable Meat Moisture Meter LMMM-A10
Measurement Object Poultry meat (pork, beef, lamb, chicken, etc.)
Moisture Measurement Range 10% to 90%
Sampling Time < 2s
Measurement Error In The Range 70 to 78%  ≤  1.0%
Repeatability In The Range 70 to 78%  ≤  0.5%