Overhead stirrer LOSR-A12

Overhead stirrer LOSR-A12

Overhead Stirrer LOSR–A12 is a microprocessor controlled and large capacity mechanical driven stirrer built with complete digital system having stirring capacity of 40 L and speed range of 1oo to 2500 rpm. LCD Digital overhead stirrer model offer convenient functionality. Compact and slim-line model, ideal for continuous, general purpose mixing. This robust and durable stirrer is driven by DC motors, perfect for smaller scale mixing.

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Max. stirring capacity H₂O 40 L
Speed range 100 to 2500 rpm
Maximum torque 40 ncm
Maximum viscosity 10000 cps
Horsepower 60 W
Display LCD digital
Plate size 200 × 300 mm
Plate load holding capacity 50 kg
Motor type Brushless DC motor
Motor output power 0.08 kW
Minimum revolution 100 rpm
RPM display mode Digital
Setting mode Scale
Time measurement Timer
Exterior material Plastic shell
Exterior dimension (W × L × H) 115 × 95 × 240 mm
Packing dimension (W × L × H) 400 × 250 × 210 mm
Operation mode Continuous
Power supply 100 to 240V/ 50 to 60Hz
Net weight 7 kg
Gross Weight 8 kg
  • Digital LCD display
  • Delivers accurate, repeatable results for highly viscous liquids
  • Can set required torque, speed and view values on LCD display
  • Parameter settings can be altered and shown digitally
  • Precise working mode with timer
  • An external unit comprises of plastic shell and motor housing is lightweight molded stainless steel, resistant to occasional spill
  • Possesses three type of positive rotation mode for mixing: inversion, reciprocal and mutual conversion

It is suitable for larger volumes and more viscous solutions with varied applications, such as homogenization, dispersing and dissolving of agglomerates applicable in pilot plants, ideal for routine bench-top uses in chemistry or biological laboratory sciences.

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