Pharmacy Refrigerator LPRF-A22

Pharmacy Refrigerator LPRF-A22

Pharmacy Refrigerator LPRF-A22 is a 360 L high performance upright refrigerator offers precise temperature control with a microcomputer digital controller. Features temperature range of 8°C to -20°C, with strong and efficient refrigeration effect by utilizing a powerful fan system and effective compressor. Designed with external digital temperature display and integral high/low temperature with a light flashing alarm, provides safe and secure storage to maintain sensitive pharmaceuticals.

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Temperature Range 8°C to 20°C
Capacity 360 L
Temperature Precision 0.1°
Display LED
Defrost Automatic
Controller Microcomputer
Refrigerant Fluorine-free mixed refrigerant
Compressor 1 pc
Alarm High/low temperature, power off, door alarm, sensor failure etc.
Protection Function Safety door lock
Power 290 W
Voltage Frequency AC 187 to 242 V
Internal Dimension (W X D X H) 515 × 510 × 1405 mm
External Dimension (W X D X H) 595 × 605 × 1940 mm
Net Weight 80 Kg
  • Microcomputer digital controller with real time temperature display and 0.1°C adjustment
  • Multiple malfunction alarms: high and low temperature, over temperature etc.
  • Audio and light flashing alarm with Protection function: start-up delay, shutdown interval
  • Fluorine free refrigerant, energy-efficient and environment friendly
  • Single compressor system : low failure rate and less energy consumption
  • Easy to use and user-friendly display and control system
  • Efficient and reliable fan : stable and long-life running operation
  • Shelves with label strips for convenient storage of pharmaceuticals
  • Built-in lamp : bright visible light and save energy consumption
  • High efficient fan : low noise, stable and lasting performance

Pharmaceutical Refrigerator is used to store various drugs, reagents, vaccines and biological products across medical institutions, pharmaceutical factories, hospitals, health clinics, scientific research institutes, epidemic prevention centers, and other industrial institutions etc

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