Platelet Agitator LPTA-A11

Platelet Agitator LPTA-A11

Platelet Agitator LPTA-A11 is an open continuous side-to-side motion agitation system with storage capacity up to 54 apheresis bags. The shelves are constructed in stainless steel, favourable for easy sliding, mounting and dismounting. Specialized motor assembly allows shelf platform to produce smooth strokes reducing squeaks and noise. One-piece perforated drawers with non-slip textured coating provide uniform air circulation and dissipates heat to maintain RTP conditions.

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Maximum storage capacity 54 apheresis bags
Shelf platforms 9 shelves
Base material Stainless steel
Stroke speed 60 strokes / min
Mobility Castor wheels
Power 220 V / 50 Hz / 50
Dimension 400 x 480 x 350 mm
Weight 41.5 kg
  • Ability to withhold 54 bags of apheresis
  • Sturdy built stainless steel interior
  • Design promotes gas permeability
  • Stacked 9 shelf platforms
  • Continuous airflow ventilation
  • Quiet operation

Used in diagnostic laboratories, hospital blood banks, blood transfusion centres, clinical pathology laboratories for storage of cell platelets with suspension at room temperature to maintain continuous oxygenation.

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