Viscometer LVM-A41

Viscometer LVM-A41

Viscometer LVM-A41 a floor standing rotational viscometer used to measure viscosity of liquid sample, semi-solid sample at specified shear rates. Its viscosity ranges from 100 to 4000 M (mPa.s) and offers 0.3 to 100 rpm rotation speed range. The standard configuration, sample dosage capacity offered is Rotor R1 to R7: 500 ml. Designed with 5-inch color touch screen technology shows fast, accurate, reliable results, with intuitive readings, stable rotational speed, strong anti-interference performance, and curve of shear rate and viscosity. Easy operations, anti-static shell, metal lifter, temperature probe, durable axle, data transfer port, external storage supports, a lot of rotate speed options are some of the features which ensures safety of user along with ease of handling.

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Rotational speed range 0.3 to 100 rpm
Standard Rotor Rotor R2 to R7 (6, Standard), R1 (Apolegamy)
Viscosity measurement range Rotor R2 to R7:100 to 4000 M (mPa.s)
Standard Rotor Sample Dosage Rotor R1 to R7: 500 ml
Measurement error ± 1 %
Repetitive error ± 0.5 %
Display 5 inch color touch screen
Standard configuration Shows shear response, timing function
Real time display viscosity curve Time-viscosity curve (standard), Temperature-viscosity curve (optional temperature probe)
Kinematic viscosity Density of samples to be entered
Temperature measurement function Standard temperature probe interface
Automatic scanning function Automatically scan and recommend the preferred combination of rotor and rotation speed
Maximum measurement range Automatic display of selected combinations of rotor and rotation speed. Measurable viscosity range
Memory Built-in 30 program groups (includes rotor speed, temperature, time, etc.)
Put a seal on Data, curve can be printed (standard print interface, need to buy printer)
Data output interface USB, insertion of U disk, Copying data , RS232, Connection to Computer
Power Supply AC 110V/220V, 50Hz/60Hz
Dimension 300 × 300 × 450 mm
Net Weight 6 kg
  • Adopted with ARM technology, built-in Linux system
  • Rich display, 5 inch color touch screen shows (dynamic and kinetic viscosity) temperature, shear rate, date ,time under current rotor speed combination
  • High precision automatic measurement, range calibration by computer
  • Build-in temperature probe Interface (standard configuration)
  • Stepless debugging (speed regulation), measures high viscosity samples
  • Built-in 30 groups of test programs, real time display
  • Equipped with timing measurement function
  • Two RS232 interfaces with direct connection to micro printer and computer

Viscometer is used in glue, latex, adhesives (solvent base), polymer solutions, oil, painting and coating, solvent, cosmetic, dairy products, semi-solid food samples, medicine, juice etc. across it tests all phase, lotion, emulsion, and general solution (liquid phase).

Optional Rotors Enhanced ultra-low viscosity adapter ULR,
Small sample adapters (Rotor 21, 27, 28, 29)
Optional Rotor Viscosity Measurement Range URL: 3.2 to 1 K
Rotor 21: 25 to 500 K
Rotor 27: 125 to 2.5 M
Rotor 28: 250 to 5 M
Rotor 29: 500 to 10 M
Optional Rotor Sample Dosage URL: 21 ml, Rotor 21: 7.8 ml, Rotor 27: 11.3ml, Rotor 28: 12.6 ml, Rotor 29: 11.5 ml

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