Rubber Low Temperature Brittleness Tester TRBT-A11

Rubber Low Temperature Brittleness Tester TRBT-A11

Rubber low temperature brittleness tester TRBT-A11 is specialised to study the effects of low temperature on rubber. This is achieved when vulcanized rubber is exposed to damage via an impact from test conditions; which is therefore called as brittle temperature. It identifies the difference between non-rigid plastic on exposure to low temperature. Flexible in evaluating low temperature performance quality of different types of vulcanized rubber materials which is essential in production process.

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Temperature control range Room temperature to -70 ℃ (room temperature ≤ 25 ℃)
Temperature accuracy ± 0.3 ℃
Impact speed 0℃ to -30℃ around 2.5 ℃/min
-30℃ to -40℃ around 2.5 ℃/min
-40℃ to -70℃ around 2.0 ℃/min
Max dimension L × W × H 910 × 510 × 860 mm
Effective test space of the chamber L × W × H 280 × 170 × 120 mm
Digital timer 0 s to 99 min
Time resolution 1 s
Cooling medium Ethanol or other non-freezing liquid
Stirring motor 8 W
Power supply 220 V to 240 V ; 50 Hz; 1.5 kW
Working temperature ≤ 25
  • LED display to observe temperature value
  • Temperature ranges from Room temperature to -70°C
  • Can indicate highest brittleness test temperature
  • Tests can be conducted for vulcanized rubber or other vulcanized material
  • Lowest temperature for the rubber brittleness tester can be - 80°C

Applicable in scientific research testing, quality analysis, inspection units to measure highest temperature of vulcanized rubber and other materials.

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