Scroll Vacuum Pump LSVP-A13

Scroll Vacuum Pump LSVP-A13

Scroll Vacuum Pump LSVP-A13 is suitable to use in molecular pump backing, accelerators and synchrotrons, capacitor exhaust, surface analysis instruments, E-beam and laser melting, spectroscopy and scanning electron, leak detection, space environment animation, glove box and coating PVD, CV and PLD. It is a portable unit, offers ambient operation temperature ranges from 41 to 104°F and maximum inlet and exhaust pressure of 0.1 / 0.13 MPa. Designed with air cooling system, air flush and innovative scroll design that reduces vibration and noise. It is reliable, durable, oil-free, high performance vacuum pump, combined with lower power consumption and lower ultimate pressures.

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Ambient Operation Temperature 41 to 104°F
Maximum Inlet and Exhaust Pressure 0.1 / 0.13 MPa
Leakage 1×10-7 mbar·l/s
Cooling Type Air cooled
Noise Level ≤ 61 dB
Others With air flush
Pumping Speed
50 Hz8.7 L/s
 522.0 L/min
 31.3 m3/h
 18.7 cfm
60 Hz10.4 L/s
 626 L/min
 37.4 m3/h
 22.3 cfm
Ultimate Pressure≤ 1.0×10-2 mbar
 ≤ 7.5×10-2 Torr
 ≤ 7.5 micron
 ≤ 1.4×10-4 psi
Motor 1 phase
Power Nil
Voltage Nil
Speed Nil
Connect Nil
Motor 3 phase
Power 0.75 kW
Voltage 50 Hz/200 V to 230 V or 380 to 415; 60 Hz/200 V to 230 V or 460 V
Speed 50 Hz /1425 rpm; 60 Hz /1725 rpm
Inlet and Exhaust Flange KF40/16×2
Dimensions (W×D×H)
1 Phase Nil
3 Phase 630×440×410 mm
Net Weight
1 Phase Nil
3 Phase 52 kg
  • High efficiency, low vibration and low noise
  • No oil mist exhaust, and no oil back diffusion
  • Integrated with single motor 3 phase
  • Suitable to use for cleaning processes
  • Constantly operated between vacuum and atmospheric
  • Easy to clean, operate and less maintenance
  • Suitable for various type of power supply around the world

Scroll Vacuum Pump is widely used in hydrogen fuel cell process, oil vapor recovering, LED, LCD and Laser tube, load lock and transfer chambers, freeze drying and gel drying, special gas recovery and recirculation, vacuum oven, lithium ion battery process, distillation, purification and filtration and Cryo pump regeneration.

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