Spray particle size analyzer LSPA-A10

Spray particle size analyzer LSPA-A10

Spray particle size analyzer LSPA-A10 is an accurate and reliable bench top spray particle size analyzer that adopts Fraunhofer of scalar diffraction principle and parallel light path design for measuring over 1 - 2000 μm particle size range. With split-type structure design, it is well equipped with high performance and high power laser, airflow protection device and stable automatic optical path alignment system.

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Measuring range 1 μm - 2000 μm
Principle Fraunhofer light diffraction
Spray area range 1 - 10 m
Structure Split-type
Executive standard ISO13320 - 1 : 1999
Sample type Droplet
Laser LD pump laser, 532 nm
Detector Photoelectric
Number of channel 58 pcs.
Sample introduction open
Lens protection Double air curtains
Adjusting range
Horizontal moving ± 20 mm
Lifting ± 20 mm
Rotation ± 20°
Accuracy error < 3%
Reproducibility error < 3%
Software running Win XP/Win 7
Dimension 369 x 295 x 360 mm
  • Fraunhofer light diffraction particle size measurement principle
  • High performance and high power laser
  • It embraces Parallel optical testing technology and spectrum amplification technique
  • Split-type structure design and adjustable test area to satisfy the needs of the spray test in any condition
  • Integrated auxiliary photoelectric detector
  • Unique airflow protection device to protect the lens
  • Output can be in Word, Excel, Bmp picture and text format which ensures viewing and referencing of results at different situations
  • Accurate and reliable

Spray particle size analyzer is used: for measurement of the droplet size produced by atomizer system, for rapid screening of formulations for the desired spray properties to improve drug delivery efficacy, for measuring the fluctuations in droplet size, for studying sprays appearing in the study of firefighting, spray granulation etc.

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