Tube Roller Mixer LTRM-A20

Tube Roller Mixer LTRM-A20

Tube Roller Mixer LTRM-A20 is a multifunctional mixer with three modes of mixing clockwise and anticlockwise rotation, shaking, and vortex. It works in range of 5 to 50 rpm speed. Different size, diameter and capacity of tubes ranging from 1.5 to 50 ml used for mixing are fixed by silicone pad completes operational procedure within seconds.

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Speed range 5 to 50 rpm
Motor type DC declaration
Capacity 1.5 to 15 ml
Platform 1.5 to 15 ml tube, max 22 pcs
Number of tubes 22 pcs
Operation type Timing
Moving angle 15° to 90°
Vortex angle 1 to 5°
Mixing time 60 h
Permissible temperature 5 to 50℃
Relative humidity 80 % RH
Power supply 220 V ± 10 % (50 Hz)
Dimension (W × D × H) 385 × 182 × 190 mm
Gross weight 6 kg
  • Three different mixing mode: rotational, shaking and vortex
  • High performance and low noise DC motor make rapid mixing of samples
  • Silicon pad to fit various kinds of test tubes and centrifuge tubes
  • Tight and reasonable structure permits stable running
  • Adapted to function under various environment
  • LCD with backlight displays running speed, time and operation mode
  • Precise digital time and speed setting to carry out continuous operation mode

Used in research and medical laboratory for mixing of blood sample, urine sample, injecting fluid and plasma etc.

Accessory no. Accessory name
1 Platform 2: 50 ml tube 5 pcs, 1.5 to 15ml tube 4 pcs.

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