Ubbelohde Viscometer LUV-A12

Ubbelohde Viscometer LUV-A12

Ubbelohde Viscometer LUV-A12 has LCD display screen to show the running status of each measurement unit, precisely 6 units at the same time. It has 6 measuring positions & it can obtain intrinsic viscosity through one point method. There is no need to monitor the process after the start in this viscometer, the auto test runs continuously until the test gets completed. It accurately controls the temperature, time & flow rate of fluid tested. It meets FDA & GLP regulations on experiment data management.

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Measuring range 0.3 - 50000 mm2/s
Measure position 6
Bath volume 41 L
Timing accuracy 0.01 s
Temperature range 5 °C - 95 °C
Temperature fluctuation & uniformity ± 0.01 °C
Temperature accuracy Better than ± 0.01 °C
Water bath Inner dimension 920 × 170 × 320 mm
Water bath Outer dimension 990 × 330 × 500 mm
Heating power 1 kW, 220 V
Material applicable PET, PS, SAN, PBT, PMMA, PCT, PA, PIB, TPU, PAM, PSU, PEN, PC, PLA,CA, PVC, SB, Chitin, PAN, TP etc.
  • Display screen controls 6 units at the same time
  • One point method / single concentration method
  • Composed of Stainless steel material
  • Automatic cleaning instead of manual cleaning
  • No need to disassemble ubbelohde viscometer to avoid manmade damage
  • All viscosity formulas present in the system, testing personnel can use them conveniently
  • Data statistics function
  • Provision of basic data for controlling quality of the products
  • Can obtain intrinsic viscosity through one point method

Ubbelohde viscometer helps in obtaining kinetic viscosity, Dynamic viscosity, Relative viscosity, Viscosity ratio, DP, intrinsic viscosity & average molecular weight of chemical fluids, polymers and biological fluids.

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