UV Test Chamber LUVC-A21

UV Test Chamber LUVC-A21

Labtron model of LUVC-A21 is equipped with UV carbon lamps to carry out UV testing along with temperature, humidity and rain to test the aging resistance to provide an accurate environment condition to give precise test results.

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Temperature Range RT + 100 °C ~ 630 °C
Humidity range 30 % ~ 85 % RH
Testing Time 20 hours
Testing Voltage 120 V ~ 145 V
Testing Current 15 A ~ 17 A
Black Bulb Thermometer 63 °C ± 30 °C ~ 83 °C ± 30 °C
Sample Rack Size 508Ø
Sample Rack Rotation Speed 3 rpm
Specimen Sample Rack 248 x 50 mm, 20 pcs
Dimension(W x D x H) 130 x 130 x 200 cm
Power 1∮ 220 V 6 KVA
  • Light and temperature can be controlled through an user friendly coloured touch screen
  • Light intensity control system allow users to set different test light intensity based on test requirements
  • Designed to perform UV light testing with the help of UV carbon lamps
  • Used to test aging-resistance of material when exposed to sunlight, temperature, humidity and rain

The UV Test Chamber is widely used in plastics, printing and packaging, paint, resins, adhesives, automotive, cosmetics, metals, electroplating, medicine, etc.

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